Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

What is the best way to get to Carousel players?

Here’s the best ways to reach Carousel Players’ offices and Arts Education Centre.

We are located in the buildings attached to Silver Spire United Church at 366 St Paul Street, but the best entrance to reach Carousel Players is at the rear of the building off of Head Street.

Travelling by transit – catch a bus to the Carlisle St Terminal, and then walk to St Paul St (one block south).

Travelling by car – drive to St Paul Street between Geneva and Carlisle.

Once you’re on St Paul Street

  • Turn onto Bond St.
  • Travel one block and then turn left onto Head Street.
  • If you are driving, you may park in the Silver Spire lot at the Head/Bond corner.
  • Look for the red brick building with the big Carousel Players banner – that’s where you’re heading.
  • There are stairs and a ramp that both lead to a concrete path. Follow this path along the garden to the glass door. This is the building’s administration entrance.
  • If the door is locked (it is usually locked in the afternoon), use the Carousel Players doorbell to your left or call up to the person you’re visiting.
  • Once you’re inside, Carousel’s offices are on the second floor and the Arts Education Centre is on the third floor. There are both an elevator and stairs. Follow the signs to your destination.

If you are not comfortable entering a church-affiliated building, please let us know so we can make arrangements to meet elsewhere.

We’ve never been to a program at the arts education centre before, what should we expect?

 We’re really excited to welcome you to our space! Here’s a few things to expect.

  • Our Arts Education Centre is located on the third floor of Silver Spire United Church. It is accessible by both stairs and elevator and used to be a gymnasium.
  • The main entrance of the church is around the back of the building. There are both a set of stairs and a ramp you can use to get to the door. 
  • The door may be locked when you arrived. If it is, please ring the doorbell and wait to be let into the lobby.


  • When you enter the lobby one of our staff will be there to welcome you and your child(ren). They will confirm the identity of the child and take them to the Arts Education Centre on the third floor of the building.
  • As we share the lobby space with the rest of the church and other organizations we do not have a waiting area. Please prepare to wait until the program is done outside of the building or elsewhere.


  • When you enter the lobby one of our staff will be there to welcome you and confirm your identity. Please make sure to bring a piece of identity with your photo and name on it as we do not let children leave with anyone who is not on the “Approved for Pickup” list.
  • Once a staff member confirms your identity, they will ask another staff member to bring your child downstairs to the lobby.

If you have any questions at any time, please ask one of the Carousel Players staff or contact us.

If the program we register for has a final performance, Can we take pictures or recordings of the performance?

No, not all of the participants’ families are comfortable with their pictures being taken. You are welcome to take pictures of your child after the performance.

What do we do if we're running late?

If you are running late please either email or call the Education Coordinator at or (905) 682-8326 ext. 27 to let them know.

What do we do if my child is going to be absent?

If your child is not feeling well or won’t be able to attend one of the program dates either email or call the Education Coordinator at or (905) 682-8326 ext. 27 to let them know.

How can I help other families access programs?

There is a need for affordable arts education for young people in communities across Niagara. With the support of donors and program sponsors, Carousel Players is able to offer affordable program fees and provide bursaries to students from families with limited means. If you’d like to help another family access our Theatre School programs you can donate through our Support Us” page.

What are your refund policies?

Registration fees will be fully refunded for any program canceled by Carousel Players.

Registration fees will be fully refunded if a participant cancels their registration due to illness more than 24 hours before the start of the program.

Registration fees will be refunded minus a $25 administrative fee if a participant cancels their registration within 24 hours or less before the program.

Location Information

Is the Arts Education Centre accessible for wheelchairs or strollers?


Is food and/or drink permitted in the centre?

Yes, both food and drink are permitted but we ask that you be considerate of food allergies and try to encourage snacks before or after programs.

What are the washroom facilities in the centre like?

There are two unisex (gender neutral) washrooms on the third floor which are not fully accessibly, and one fully accessible unisex washroom on the main floor.

Is there parking available?

Yes. Behind Silver Spire United Church is a parking lot where you can park to drop off and pick up your cild. Parking is limited, so please arrive early enough to find parking and do not leave your car parked there during programs.

Covid-19 Protocols

Do participants need to wear masks?

No, we are not currently requiring any of our participants to wear masks although they are welcome to if they’d like. Please check back regularly as this may change in accordance with Provincial Public Health Measures and Guidelines.

Do participants need to be vaccinated?

No, we are not requiring any of our participants to be vaccinated.

Do I need to wear a mask when dropping off and picking up my child?

No, we are not requiring people entering the building to wear masks however we do encourage it. Please check back regularly as this may change in accordance with Provincial Public Health Measures and Guidelines.

Children’s ages

My child is not in the age range for a program. Can i still register them?

We recommend that you do not register your child for a program unless they are within the age range. The age ranges for each program are carefully thought out and the activities and material are specifically selected to be appropriate for the chosen ages. 


Sometimes we are able to accommodate children who are within a few months of the age range. In these instances please contact us before registering by emailing us at


How can I get involved in Carousel Players' Theatre School?

We are always looking for community members who want to get involved with the Carousel Players. If you are interested in getting involved with Carousel Players’ Theatre School as an artist educator, volunteer, or in another way please contact the Education Coordinator at or call them at (905) 682-8326 ext. 27.

Can I bring Carousel Players' Theatre School classes to my child's school?

We are always looking for schools who would like to host our After School Drama Program. Carousel Players will provide all the program materials and a trained arts educator for each class. All a school needs to provide is one room per age group with enough open floor space for 12-15 children to move around. It will be needed for 75 minutes after the final bell: 15 minutes for students to make their way to the class plus 1 hour for the lesson.

We ask that the room be dedicated to the program for all eight weeks to give the students a consistent destination. A classroom is not suitable for this program unless there is ample space to use the room without needing to move students’ desks. Please contact the Education Coordinator at or call them at (905) 682-8326 ext. 27 to learn more about how you can bring this program to your school.